Monday, December 30, 2019

Mystery Tree Identified

Mystery Tree

The last Flora Wonder Blog presented an unidentified tree photographed in Japan with butter-yellow autumn color.

A few readers suggested names, but the most likely came from BH from England.

Gamblea innovans

Good morning Talon,

Your unidentified tree is Gamblea innovans previously known as Evodiapanax innovans or Kalopanax innovans. All as you will know in Araliaceae. We have Metapanax davidii (Previously Pseudopanax) in the garden here. The botanists have gone mad with this group.

Gamblea innovans is an entirely new species for me and even the Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs (2014) doesn't list it. If you search on the internet you will find images that seem to match what the Englishman suggests. I wonder if it is hardy in Oregon?

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