Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Plant Introduction from Buchholz Nursery

Introducing Ginkgo biloba 'Blue Cloud'!

Finally, a color-breakthrough for a dwarf ginkgo.

At Buchholz Nursery we have been trialing a slow-growing mutation from Ginkgo biloba 'Troll' for the past seven years. Our stock plants and first crop (in #3 pots) have been hiding in a Flora Farm greenhouse behind locked doors. Additionally, I have one planted at my house (with no label) in full sun, and one in considerable shade. We recommend that 'Blue Cloud' be planted in full sun to partial shade, but the leaf-color will be rather muted in too deep of shade. To date none of them have reverted.

I considered to patent this new find, but then decided that my career-long policy of never patenting any plant should remain consistent.

This spring we will be taking orders for our crop of 3,250 10-12" plants with beautiful, full bodies.

Minimum order of 20 plants per customer, with an upper limit of 100 per each customer. Plants must be picked up or shipped by May 15, 2014. Don't worry: another crop will be available for fall, 2014 – spring 2015.

Sorry for the high price, but

$48.00 each per 20
$44.00 each per 100.

NOTE: we are not staffed to handle phone orders; you must submit your order by email only. Previous customers in good standing will receive priority in allocation.

We are very excited to offer this lovely new Ginkgo for American gardens. The leading American and Canadian plant publications will soon be running the story of 'Blue Cloud'. You now really know why FLORA WONDER is the motto at Buchholz Nursery!

...oh, a funny story. Our long-time Oregon Ag. Inspector was at Flora Farm, issuing a phyto for a Canadian shipment. I said "Karl, I want to show you something." I unlocked the greenhouse door and he gasped in amazement. He said, "All along I thought you were growing pot in here, but I could never smell anything fishy." I laughed and replied "No, not pot; but maybe you can get high on a blue ginkgo."


  1. I'll take 100 - cash!

    Those should sell well at Fred Meyers and Walmart - displayed right next to the blue orchids!

  2. What a great april fools joke! LOL! :)

  3. Your sense of humor is as sick as mine. Love it! But selling such a neat plant exclusively to Home Depot, was possibly even beyond funny. Got to remember to do something like this next year down here in Zone 10. We actually do sell floral painted red phalaenopsis orchids on Valentine's day. Remember a customer coming in after filling his car with gas down the street where he saw one in a guys car and asked him where it came from.