Friday, March 25, 2016

What Is It?

Spring is absolutely beautiful at Buchholz Nursery and in the Flora Wonder Arboretum. Magnolia blossoms come and go, pines are shooting up candles and some Japanese maples have fully leafed out in the greenhouses. We are suddenly behind, as we have been every spring of my career. The main activity that gets in the way of actually growing plants is the shipping of them, and why do trucks have to come on the nice sunny days?

While I remain virile and frisky, and could very easily write a blog, shipping manager Seth has no time to produce it. Once during shipping season he snapped,” Do you want me to make money or work on your damn blog?” I wanted to answer, “Well, both,” but I didn't push him, and eventually we did both.

Anyway, since Seth is out “making money” today, I decided to devise a contest. It is entitled What Is It? The three images from below come from a file of photos that really belong nowhere, so we created a cubbyhole called Esoteric Stuff, except that our S word contains only four letters.

If you can identify any one of these, email us promptly at info (@) buchholznursery (dot) com. The first five with a correct answer* will receive an outstanding new maple, Acer palmatum 'Japanese Princess'. Along with your answer, please provide a shipping address (PO Boxes do not work).

*If you guess all three I'll...I'll leave you in my will.

Acer palmatum 'Japanese Princess'

Contest ends next Monday (28th) at 4:30 PM, Pacific Time, and the correct answers will be posted the following Tuesday (29th).

Good luck.

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