Friday, January 6, 2017

Buchholz Photo Contest

The new year will be here, wait a minute -- we're already a week into it.

It must be time for our biannual photo contest. I have gathered my favorite images from the past six months and you can choose one, only one, that you consider the best, plant or otherwise. The winner will be selected from the image with the largest popularity, and one of you will be chosen at random to receive the prize.

You could win a 16" by 24" print, mounted beautifully on a bamboo board, totally ready for hanging. You may cast your vote at info (at) buchholznursery (dot) com, not as a comment on this blog. If you do not win, you can order your favorite at $269, or for that matter, any photo from our entire website. I have a number of them in the office and at home, and they really pop off from the walls.

Contest closes at 12pm, Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 and the winner will be announced at 4pm, Wednesday, January 18th, 2017.

Good Luck.

Mount Rainier

Tilia cordata

Sorbus sitchensis

Quercus frainetto

Marmot Twins
Acer palmatum 'Mon zukushi'

Costus speciosus 'Variegatus'

Chrysanthemum 'Lava'

Acer davidii 'Hanshu suru'

Cornus 'Porlock'

Parodia magnifica

Paeonia obovata

Quercus shumardii var. schneckii

Acer palmatum 'Ogi tsuma gaki' #1

Rodgersia 'Bronze Peacock'

Hoh Rainforest #1

Acer palmatum 'Manyo no sato'

Leucothoe keiskei

Acer palmatum 'Ikandi'

Oxydendrum arboreum 'Chameleon'
Acer nipponicum #1

Mukdenia rossii 'Karasuba'

Acer palmatum 'Mikawa nishiki'

Water Lily

Phellodendron amurense var. amurense

Quercus alba
Acer palmatum 'Tiger Rose'

Hoh Rainforest #2

Cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold'

Acer japonicum 'Emmett's Pumpkin'

Ginkgo biloba

Acer micranthum

Crataegus crusgalli 'Inermis'

Acer sieboldianum 'Kumoi nishiki'

Parrotia persica

Populus tremula 'Erecta' #1

Populus tremula 'Erecta' #2

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Jade Prince'

Hoh Rainforest #3

Cladrastis kentukea

Lake Crescent

Acer palmatum 'Ogi tsuma gaki' #2

Morus alba 'Chaparral'

Parrotia persica 'Persian Spire'

Hoh Rainforest #4

Gleditsia triacanthos 'Christie'

Acer palmatum 'Christyann'

Acer x 'Hasselkus'

Hamamelis intermedia 'Diane'

Liriodendron tulipifera 'Emerald City'

Acer caudatifolium 'Variegata'

Hoh Rainforest #5

Cedrus deodara

Acer rubrum 'Redpointe'

Ginkgo biloba 'Pendula'

Acer palmatum 'O sakazuki'

Parrotia persica 'Vanessa'

Acer pictum 'Usu gumo'

Rhododendron luteum
Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'

Acer palmatum 'Satsuki beni'

Cornus florida 'Autumn Gold'

Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips'

Acer japonicum 'Yama kage'

Hoh Rainforest #6

Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'

Taxodium distichum 'Peve Minaret'

Acer palmatum 'Bloody Talons'

Tilia platyphyllos

Washington County Scenery

Acer nipponicum #2

Pseudotsuga menziesii 'Toledo Weeper'

Rhododendron proteoides 'Cecil Smith Form'

Coastal Snag

Rhododendron 'Airy Fairy'

Hoh Rainforest #7

Acer saccharinum

Quercus garryana

Sempervivum 'Gold Nugget'

Icy Road

Trochodendron aralioides

Pterostyrax hispida

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Van den Akker'

Paeonia 'Sonoma Halo'

Kniphofia pauciflora

Ulmus americana

Zantedeschia 'Edge of Night'
Quercus kelloggii

Pinus nigra


Maria Martins: The Impossible, III

Pablo Picasso: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

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