Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Coming Clean

Everything is comprised of somethings, and if one thing out of something does not go well then everything is compromised.

The Flora Wonder Blog consists of my opinions – which are always correct – and factual information about plants which is – oops – sometimes rong. A month ago I was describing Rhododendron cinnabarinum, and in particular the “small-leaf” UBC (University of British Columbia) form, and I even wondered if my species was correct since the flowers and leaves are so different from the type. My one specimen is planted along the creek at the edge of the woods and the metal label reads Rhododendron cinn. 'Small-Leaf UBC'. However the cinn. species is actually cinnamomeum, not cinnabarinum, and so it's another example of me embarrassing myself. Good thing that probably not too many actually slog through the text of the blog anyway.

I won't go back and change or delete anything, Hillary style, for I have no facade to maintain. My wife is actually delighted and relieved when I am wrong, for that allows her the freedom to also goof up, and so she loves me all the more for my limitations. As for my teen-age daughter, she is more than delighted and relieved when we are wrong: for her it is absolute proof that she should be running the family, not her parents.

Rhododendron cinnamomeum 'Small-Leaf UBC'

Rhododendron cinnamomeum 'Small-Leaf UBC'

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  1. Loving your Blog! Where/when can I visit your garden/(nursery?) :)