Friday, August 28, 2015

At The Beach

Pinus torreyana

Pinus torreyana

I ditched the nursery for a couple of days as my wife and children have developed a penchant for vacationing in San Diego, especially for swimming in the ocean. I intended to write the blog while there, but beer and margaritas got in the way. The flora was sparse, with palm trees and gardenias, but there was a nice stand of Pinus torreyana at the aquarium.

The scenery at Pacific Beach

Oops, caught!

San Diego must be the bikini capital of America, speaking of sparse, and my wife finally asked, "Why do you pretend that you're not looking, when you obviously are?" I'll confess that nothing of lasting value came from the four day – all I could afford – trip, except the memories of my happy children riding the waves on their boogie boards.

Saya loves her hotel bed

Harumi, always dancing

On the boardwalk

Goodbye Sun Diego

Next week, hopefully, a plant blog...

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