Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Scoop on Ginkgo biloba 'Blue Cloud'

Dear customers,

Concerning Ginkgo biloba 'Blue Cloud',

I regret leading you on to believe that you could purchase the new blue ginkgo from me. I assumed at the time that my negotiations with The Home Depot to provide these plants was terminated. Instead, early this morning my lawyer and I signed a ten-year contract with the company, and they will hold complete rights to 'Blue Cloud'. The good news is that this summer your local Home Depot should have them in stock, and, for a price less than what I was going to charge you.

I know that some of you will be disappointed in me for "selling out" to The Home Depot, but geeze, it seems everyone else is also doing it.

Again, sorry to disappoint those of you who promptly placed an order.

Talon Buchholz

Ginkgo biloba 'Red Cloud'

P.S.     Be on the lookout for our new Ginkgo biloba 'Red Cloud', available exclusively at The Home Depot beginning in spring, 2015.


  1. Time to find a supplier who serves us little guy. If everyone jumped of a bridge, would you do it to.

  2. Are yoou going to sell out us little guys on that item also, I need to find a new supplier.

  3. Talon,

    Thanks, now I have a reason to go to Hope Depot.

  4. If this is not a belated April Fools joke, then it is very sad news indeed.

  5. This is just astonishing plant development work. Personally I prefer to wait until you cross the two of these with a white form so we can have a fourth of July plant. Weeping would be nice as well.

  6. Folks at Buchholz obviously have way too much time on their hands. OK to waste their time and the money of the owner, but wasting the time of all of their customers is another matter. Very disappointed.

  7. As a small grower I "get it". I would love to sell a large batch to one client than try to sort thru small orders from dozens of customers. Distribution is often a frustrating "Time Bandit". If the final price has dropped and the specimen is more widely, immediately and conveniently available customers win.