Friday, July 6, 2012

Truly Awesome?

Maybe July
would be the best time to die;
as there's simply no room
in the month of June,
with still so much to see.

Acer palmatum seedling selection

Well, now that it's July, I'm still finding many interesting things. Many maples (in the advanced greenhouses where they think it is August) are beginning to shoot new growth. Nowhere is that more fun than in our seedling house, where we have three-year-olds in one gallon pots. Each seedling was harvested from named-variety cultivars. The offspring vary in leaf shape and color, and out of a thousand plants, there is not a single one that could be called boring.

The web log of two weeks ago -- Momiji Madness, June 22nd -- featured relatively new maple introductions. You all responded enthusiastically, like you had never seen such wonderful creatures before. Is it possible that today's plants are just as incredible? You can decide. Today's photos come from just one crop, in one greenhouse, at a modest-sized nursery, somewhere ouuut there in Gaston, Oregon.

All photos below are seedlings from named-variety cultivars.


Our family went to the fireworks show on the night of the 4th. It was truly awesome, a word I seldom use, and the crowd clapped and cheered after the finale. But I cheer for the maples, and find them to be equally spectacular. Now you know why I call this place Flora Wonder.


  1. Name them!...I'll buy them!

  2. Truly Awesome!

  3. I would much rather "spend time" with the beauties
    any day of the week! Gorgeous leaves - great photos!

  4. Absolutely spectacular!

  5. That was a nice grand finale!

  6. Great pics. But best to wait, observe and choose. My East coast "Taylor' grafts look nothing like the Dutch pics. Better idea, get some Ki hachijo seeds started now and be amazed next spring.

    Mike Mc Carthy

  7. Is the no end to this madness?

  8. Thank you Talon for taking the time to collect and propagate these wonderful seedlings. Maple Lady